Fluoroplastic materials KWO is one of the leaders in the Russian market for the production of sealing materials

To the head of the company vexport.a Russian research and production company has applied to the Russian Federation with the need to purchase imported sub-sanctioned raw materials for its own production.

In order to preserve the technological characteristics, the research and production company considered raw materials only of this type, since domestic analogues differed in the necessary properties.

Due to the wide geography of personal connections, vexport.the Russian Federation was able to offer several most profitable options for purchase and delivery. The delivery was carried out according to all agreed conditions and on time, which allowed the company to work in the same mode without interruptions.

The head of the research and production company noted that the cost of raw materials when purchased through vexport.The Russian Federation has increased within the minimum permissible limits (15-20%) in the conditions of modern imports, which helped to preserve the cost and quality of the final product. In the current conditions, this is a critically important criterion for Russian production.

After the successful work done, the research and production company has become a regular customer of vexport.rf. We are glad that we can contribute to the sustainability and development of Russian companies.