JAPA, P/FD, FRIPA and Rondello equipment for an oil and gas service company - how we preserved the customer's production and technological processes.

Mikhail Anisimov, the director of the project вэкспорт.рф, was approached by representatives of a Russian company in the TE sector, which suffered from anti-Russian sanctions.

The company needed German spare parts for the equipment already used in production. The fact is that the lack of necessary spare parts entails a number of serious problems: from replacing existing machines with new ones, which is unconditionally a very expensive and not always feasible task, to a complete shutdown of production processes for an indefinite period.

Based on the current situation, the oil and gas company decided to purchase sanctioned spare parts through вэкспорт.рф. Let's not hide it, it was a really difficult task, but our team coped with it: the company received all the necessary parts for its equipment and was able to maintain the production mode.

Oil and gas, technological, scientific and production industries are the specifics of the company вэкспорт.рф. We help Russian industrialists and entrepreneurs in the most difficult sanctions conditions to develop further and overcome any barriers.