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We act as a contract holder or agent
Ваш торговый партнер в России
We reduce the cost of import purchases
2000 тонн рапса
Заказчик сам
Сроки поставки
6 месяцев
С нашей помощью
Сроки поставки
3 месяца
$100 тыс.
We buy without VAT
We guarantee deadlines and the best logistics
Reporting on expenses
We speak the manufacturer's language
Our Experience Spans Across Industry,
However we are best in these four sectors:
Agricultural and food industry products
Lumber & Pulp & Paper Products
Technique: special, agricultural, railway
Industrial equipment: electrical, thermal power, etc.
Building materials and equipment for the construction of industrial and civil facilities
Software products and server hardware
Cooperation options
We conclude an agency agreement. We control the transaction from and to as your authorized representative.
As your agent, by proxy
from 1,5%
from the amount of delivery
We conclude an import contract. We buy from the manufacturer ourselves and take care of all the imports.
Contract holder
from 3%
from the amount of delivery to the manufacturer's price
With us you will purchase products without local VAT
Mikhail Dobrynin
Exports, Logistics
and Customs Lead
Mikhail Anisimov
Customer and Marketplace Lead
Over 27 year in the business, our strong team of industry experts has established a base of proven suppliers and fine-tuned logistics.
With our help, buying Russian goods is up to 20% cheaper.
Mikhail Anisimov
Project Founder
Project Founder
Alisa Savina
Head of the press service.
Telegram channel editor
Купечество Vs Санкции
Project Founder
Leonid Savin
Head of the department of foreign economic relations. Portal Editor-in-Chief
Project Founder
Gennady Fedorchenko
Executive Director.
Project Founder
Albert Sadykov
Project Officer
Alexandra Erlich
Design, marketing support
We will find the supplier that will fit your requirements.
Our in-house industry experts will research the Russian market to find the most fitting suppliers based on the following criteria:
Product quality
Purchase prices
Terms of trade
Terms of execution
Manufacturer track record
Other bespoke criteria
We're there with you, every step of the way.
We will monitor the packing, despatch, and delivery of goods, while our customs experts will handle export documentation. Everything is done to make sure great goods are delivered on schedule.
Every step of the way will be backed up by photos and videos - to make sure you see the process.
We get through
Our team will handle the export schedule and make sure goods cross borders on time, so you can rest easy.
If there customs delays:
We contact the customs service and eliminate any inconsistencies with declaration requirements
If production is delayed:
We will ensure that the factory work double time to fulfil the contracted order
If storage conditions do not satisfy requirements:
We provide alternative warehouses and seamlessly replace damaged goods
Case Studies
44 wheelsets to Kazakhstan. On time and world-class quality.
Другие кейсы
44 wheelsets to Kazakhstan. On time and world-class quality.

Without us
The client needed to procure OANW (old axis new wheels) wheelsets for freight wagons RU-1S in Russia. They needed delivery to Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan. But the end buyer canceled the deal. The client had to return the products back to Russia: register for re-export, wait for the elimination of the defect and pay for return shipping. The client incurred losses: expenses for transport, loading and unloading as well as re-export, late fees and loan interest.

Without us the client lost $29,500 and three months of their time.

With us
We handheld the manufacturer, making sure that all products were carefully painted and delivered on time. As a result, the end customer accepted the wheelsets immediately and the client happily awaited repeat orders.

10 wagons of planks to Uzbekistan. We saved the client $28,050.
Другие кейсы
10 wagons of planks to Uzbekistan. We saved the client $28,050.
Without us, the client had already purchased planks in Russia and we were contacted for the second purchase. Working independently, they got a bad deal:
$ 9,945 purchase of a wagon of planks
$ 965 railway deadlock services (acceptance, storage etc.)
$ 1,265 rent of a universal platform
$ 750 railway transport within Russia
$ 575 railway transport across the Republic of Kazakhstan
$ 1,090 services for unloading and loading a wagon during inspection at customs
$ 535 fine for the idle time of a wagon during customs inspection
$ 800 business trip of a company representative for customs inspection
$ 135 registration of a customs declaration
Total $16,060

With us the picture was different:
$ 9,690 buying a wagon of planks with delivery to the railway deadlock
$ 860 railway deadlock services (acceptance, storage etc.)
$ 1,265 rent of a universal platform
$ 750 railway delivery in Russia
$ 575 railway delivery across the Republic of Kazakhstan
$ 115 registration of a customs declaration
Total $13,255

The purchase cost of one wagon of sawn timber through us was $ 2.805 cheaper, and the client saved a total of $28,050 for the ten-wagon shipment of goods.
2000 tons of colza to Mongolia: shorter delivery time increased client's earnings by $100,000
Другие кейсы
2000 tons of colza to Mongolia. Rapid delivery earned $100,000 for the client.
Without us the client barely broke even. In June, our customer bought 2000 tons of colza from Russia to sell it to Mongolia because there is a shortage of colza in the summer. The last batch was received only in November, when the deficit ended and rapeseed prices returned to normal.

As a result, the client had to sell the product at the purchase price.

With us, the client made more than $100,000
We found a reliable supplier, purchased 2,050 tons of colza in April, and received the last batch in June - the month with highest demand.

The goods were delivered in half the time and the profit from the deal was more than $100,000.
Two snowblower trains to Kazakhstan. Enabled the client to fulfill a $1,000,000 tender.
Другие кейсы
Two snowblower trains to Kazakhstan. Enabled the client to fulfill a $1,000,000 tender.
Kazakhstan Railways (the railway operator of Kazakhstan) needed two snow-plow trains. The tender was to be won by TCS Group Corporation, our client. The problem was that the factory and the operator did not agree on the cost of delivery.

We negotiated on our client's behalf, enabling them to successfully completed the tender. After order documentation was completed successfully, we immediately - without waiting for formalities - gave the factory an advance payment guarantee so that it would start production.

The production timeline coincided with the delivery dates - we secured the success of a deal worth $1 million. As a result, our client was paid and Kazakhstan Railways received excellent quality snow-plow trains.
We have representatives in 23 regions of Russia.
They are boots on the ground - from manufacturer research, inspection and due diligence, to negotiation, and finally to securing logistics - our regional representatives have it covered.
Central office: 123290, Russia, Moscow, municipal district Khoroshevsky, st. 2nd Magistralnaya, 18a
+7 (495)147-06-88
Back office: Perm, highway Kosmonavtov, 111k27, office 324
Haven't chosen a supplier?
Come to the online exhibition
Online Expo is an online exhibition platform that allows you to learn about products and find suppliers without leaving your home.
An online exhibition is similar to a 3D tour, where each supplier has its own booth. The screenshot shows the booth of the Russian juice producer KRAL.

What industries do you work in?

We work in all industries, but are strongest in the following:
  • Agriculture and food industry
  • Machinery: agricultural, special, railway
  • Lumber and pulp and paper industry
  • Electrical, heat power and other industrial equipment
  • Building materials and equipment for civil and industrial construction
  • IT products (software) and server hardware
If your industry is not on the list, leave a request, perhaps we can help
What is your objective?
To help you maximise your profits by procuring Russian goods safely, quickly, and reliably.

Our responsibilities
– Market analysis and supplier search
– Legal registration of the transaction
– Product quality control
– Delivery and customs clearance of goods
– Crisis and risk management

So you get
– Faster, more reliable delivery
– High quality but affordable goods
– No stress with customs
Who will work with me?
Personal manager supervises your order. He ensures compliance with your requirements for production, shipment and transportation. He is responsible for quality control. He deals with customs. He's your personal contact.

Industry expert helps you to find the best-in-class products on the best terms. He knows the industry in question head to toe.

Export expert provides logistics solutions: calculates the amount of customs duty, prepares documents. He makes sure orders are exactly on schedule.
How can I pay for an order?
Just like you would a manufacturer – 100% or in tranches as agreed on the contract. Or you can pay through a letter of credit. Whatever is convenient and suits your business needs.
How much does it cost?
If we play the role of an agent, then our remuneration is from 1.5% of the contract value. If we act as a contract holder, then from 3%. The final share depends on the complexity of the task. To find out the cost of fulfilling your order, leave a request.
We will select the best offer for the purchase from the manufacturer
Mikhail Anisimov
Customer and Marketplace Lead

We will tell you how we will increase your profit from the transaction

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