Overcoming barriers
We live in Russia, we know the market and mentality. We will act as your distributor or agent
We increase profit from sales in Russia
We will reduce the cost of logistics, customs and paperwork
We organize the placement of goods on marketplaces
We select and use online sales channels
Bringing products to the Russian market is difficult and expensive
To successfully sell in Russia, it is not enough to know the laws and legal aspects - you should have a clear understanding of the mentality of the Russian entrepreneur and consumer, understand the traditions and peculiarities of thinking. Without this, it is impossible to create a competitive product.

Difficulties can also be created by remoteness from the country: the farther the manufacturer is from the point of sale, the more difficult it is to control the processes.
It is difficult to build optimal logistics from another country
It is unprofitable to maintain your own representative office
Buyers may delay payments
It is difficult to agree due to the language barrier and mentality
High competition, difficult to start selling
Real examples of unsuccessful attempts to trade in Russia
A Kyrgyz-Kazakh ice cream manufacturer has started selling in Russia, shipping goods to small wholesale buyers. Agreed on a deferred payment, but the customers did not pay. As a result, the manufacturer curtailed its activities.
A manufacturer from Kazakhstan curtailed sales in Russia without receiving payment from customers
A Turkish manufacturer of aluminum profiles wanted to open a representative office in Moscow. Calculations showed that opening and maintaining your own representative office would be too expensive. In addition, it will be difficult to recruit qualified personnel. In the end, the manufacturer did not enter the Russian market.
The manufacturer from Turkey refused
from sales of the Russian Federation due to difficulties with a representative office in Moscow
Case: built online sales of woolen products from Mongolia
Several manufacturers have created a collaboration for joint sales in Russia. Assortment of goods - wallets, blankets, slippers, scarves. Sales in the Russian Federation have already gone through wholesalers. It was necessary to increase sales volumes through access to end consumers.

We studied the market, developed an online store, filled it with goods and launched customer traffic. The customer reached a turnover of 250 thousand rubles per month two months after contacting us.

1 470 000
turnover per month two months after application
We work
in all industries
And best of all, we understand the following:
Food and agricultural products
Industrial equipment
and server hardware
Textile industry
Chemical industry
Vehicles and accessories
(materials and products)
Cooperation options
We conclude an agency agreement. We control the transaction at all stages, we provide online promotion.
Proxy agent

from 1,5%
from the amount of the contract
We take care of all the import and organization of sales in Russia: delivery, customs clearance, marketing, creation of a sales network.
Official distributor
from 3%
from the amount of the contract
We will become your distributor
We will deliver and clear the goods
We will place in a wholesale warehouse or directly with the buyer. We will control the rest.
We will carry out marketing promotion of products
Let's analyze the range of competitors, prices, strengths and weaknesses. We will help you create a competitive offer. We will find major buyers, hold live presentations, and accompany transactions.
We will create your sales network from our agents
We already have a network of sales representatives. Specialists will form the final price, ensure the availability of goods from wholesalers, and engage in sales.
Let's connect online sales channels
We will create an online store and bring customers
We will set up an account and deal with SMM promotion: regular posting, targeted advertising, moderation.
We work with the largest sites - VK, OK, Instagram, Facebook.
We will ensure the presence
in social networks
The work includes website development, SEO-optimization
and contextual advertising in Yandex and Google search engines.
Online store for a Mongolian manufacturer of leather and wool products
We will bring your product
to Russian marketplaces and platforms
We choose a marketplace based on the demand for the product and other analytics within the site. We create an office, place goods. We provide fulfillment — a full sales cycle: receiving and processing online orders, managing payments and settlements, working with returns.
For 27 years we have assembled a strong team of industry experts
We have developed sales channels and debugged the logistics system. Our experience and expertise allow customers to be closer to their buyer.
Mikhail Dobrynin
Exports, Logistics
and Customs Lead
Mikhail Anisimov
Customer and Marketplace Lead
Mikhail Anisimov
Project Founder
Project Founder
Alisa Savina
Head of the press service.
Telegram channel editor
Купечество Vs Санкции
Project Founder
Leonid Savin
Head of the department of foreign economic relations. Portal Editor-in-Chief
Project Founder
Gennady Fedorchenko
Executive Director.
Project Founder
Albert Sadykov
Project Officer
Alexandra Erlich
Design, marketing support
Central office: 123290, Russia, Moscow, municipal district Khoroshevsky, st. 2nd Magistralnaya, 18a
+7 (495)147-06-88
Back office: Perm, highway Kosmonavtov, 111k27, office 324
What industries do you work in?
  • Food
  • Industrial equipment
  • Electronics and server hardware
  • Textile industry (materials and products)
  • Chemical industry
  • Vehicles and accessories

What exactly

You doing?

Our task is to increase sales in Russia in such a way as not to reduce margins and maintain the security of transactions. For this we:

  • we carry out customs and legal "clearance" of goods
  • select and launch new sales channels
  • increase brand awareness through social media
  • find solutions in unforeseen situations

Who will work

with me?

A personal manager oversees your project. Ensures timely payment, prepares reporting documents. Handles emergency situations. The manager is in touch every day.

An industry expert helps you find the best distribution channels. Form the best commercial offer for the end user. This is a person who deeply understands your industry and is able to give a competent report on the market.

An expert in foreign economic activity deals with the transportation of goods across the border and logistics: calculates the amount of customs duty, draws up documents, and carries out customs clearance of products. He does everything to ensure that the order reaches the buyer without incident.

How do I get money

for your product?

The terms of payment for the goods are the same as for the sale to the final buyer - a commodity credit, partial payment under the contract or 100% prepayment. If convenient, you can receive payments through a letter of credit - this is when the bank accepts money for storage and acts as a guarantor of the contract.
We will select the best offer for the purchase from the manufacturer
Mikhail Anisimov
Customer and Marketplace Lead
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